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Aug 25, 2020

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Why wouldn’t I just pay cash? We get this question often....often enough that I cant believe it took us thing long to record this video. We have created this podcast and a YouTube video to explain why you should be taking a loan against your cash value to purchase your Real Estate investments. Real estate is not liquid and Whole Life insurance doesn’t create income the way real estate does but TOGETHER they are the perfect combination of liquidity and cash flow. In this episode we are going to discuss the six ways in which whole life and real estate complement one another:

(1) Cash Flow

(2) Appreciation

(3) Tax Advantages

(4) Equity

(5) Leverage

(6) Hedge Against Inflation

AND in addition, we go through a case study to prove why you should NEVER pay cash for real estate. Once you have finished this episode be sure to watch our “And 1” YouTube video where we dive deep into the numbers...ENJOY!!

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"And 1 Video"