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Feb 26, 2023

401Ks make you dumb and stupid! This week Anthony and Cameron will explain the top 3 ways 401Ks are not all that you think they are. People who use 401Ks are seeking a safe saving and investment opportunity to gain financial freedom. What if we told you there was a better way to do this while saving money on taxes?...

Feb 21, 2023

Do you want to end up in financial failure? We didn’t think so. This week Anthony and Cameron take a sarcastic approach to success. They each come up with six pieces of advice that will ensure you will never be successful.

  1. Stop learning
  2. Focus on short term results 
  3. Ignore your health
  4. Overspend on liabilities
  5. Don’t...

Feb 14, 2023

Many seeking financial freedom do so through real estate investing. We have interviewed numerous accomplished individuals on their real estate success, but it can be overwhelming deciding what type of real estate to invest in. This week we break down the differences between long-term single-family rentals and...

Feb 7, 2023

Real estate is a popular topic on the Infinite Wealth Podcast as it can be as great investment. With the current market conditions, many are apprehensive to invest in real estate. This week Anthony and Cameron talk with Zach WalkerLieb, Managing Partner of Willow Manor with Keller Williams, Top 30 Under 30 Realtor...