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Aug 13, 2019

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On today’s episode we interview Sarah Brown, with Pinnacle Franchise Development. Sarah has tremendous insight that she’s able to share with our listeners as she has owned her own Franchise, worked as a franchise Broker and Consultant and currently she oversees Franchise Development for two national brands. A list of the topics covered in this are as follows: 


Who buys franchises? 

What is the biggest misconception of owning a franchise?  

How passive are franchises? 

What type of experience is necessary for a franchisee? 

Spectrum of Franchise’s: Retail - Service 

If someone is interested in franchise ownership, where should they start? 

Best due diligence practices 

Retail vs. Service Franchises 

Serial Franchisors 

Franchises: Millennials and Gen X 

How does a recession affect franchise ownership? 



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