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May 5, 2020

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Are you tired of the roller coaster that is the stock market? Have you ever felt Wall Street doesn’t have your best interest at heart? If so, you’re not alone. In today’s episode we interview best-selling author and advisor Barry James Dyke. Barry has written three books (with one more coming soon) that peel back the curtain on how Wall Street has systemically transferred the risk of investment losses’ to the American consumer while keeping a majority of the profits for themselves. We discuss the hypocrisy found when major banks/financial institutions (and politicians) tell you to speculate with your hard earned dollars while they put their money in non-market correlated assets. In addition, he uses Caesars Entertainment’s 2015 Bankruptcy filing as an example to highlight the incestuous relationship between Private Equity Firms, Pension Plan Managers and major Banking institutions. Additional topics discussed:

Insider’s take on the leveraged buyout of Caesars Entertainment
The connection between Private Equity and Pensions
The Greater Fool Theory
Tier 1 Capital: What is it and why banks own so much of it
The importance of Creditor Protection: The Ken Lay Story
What to know about Annuities
The Glass-Steagall Act: It’s repeal in 1999 and the effect it had on the American Economy

“Never met a man who’s made a million dollars from mutual funds”
“No cop on the beat”
“Fiscal Fitness”

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