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Nov 13, 2019

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 In this episode, we interview Dennis Martin, President of Individual Life and Financial Services and Steve Cox, Vice President of Product Development of Individual Life and Financial Services at One America. We discuss many of the reasons why One America is one of the companies we recommend to clients. In this episode we discuss the following topics:

What are dividends? And how are they calculated?

Should we be comparing declared Dividend Rates amongst competitors?

How does the insurance company view the PUA Rider?

How the new CSO tables will affect policies moving forward?

What kind of impact does our current low-interest-rate environment have on mutual companies?

If this trend continues what some options insurance companies may exercise?

What is the difference between Direct Recognition vs. Non-Direct Recognition?

Which one is One America/AUL?

Policy Loans

Why One America charges loans interest upfront? What is the benefit of this?

Benchmarks One America is proud of – Why we use One America and will continue to do so

Whole Life vs Universal Life – AUL's Perspective


“Remember it’s a savings account, not a checking account.” - DM