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Apr 24, 2020

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In today’s episode we interview Keith Yackey, carpenter turned Real Estate Entrepreneur. Keith is the founder of Private Money Pro, the creator of the Private Money Process and has flipped over 700 properties, owned over 300 rentals and raised close to $50M of private money. Keith peels back the curtain on raising Private Money and shares the top 3 place you can go to raise private money and what you need to say to investors once you find them. In addition, he shares his insights on the importance of “Relationship Capital” while providing practical steps you can take to build your professional network. Additional topics discussed include: 
Practical Steps to Building a Network
The Importance of having a Mentor/Coach
Top Two Misconceptions that hold most Entrepreneurs Back
Why You should have an “Everything is Figureout-able Attitude”
The first investment you should make
Keith’s Top 3 places you can go to raise private money
Knowing what to say to investors once you find them
How to instantly establish credibility with investors
The importance of “Relationship Capital”
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