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Nov 29, 2022

Consistent, double digit returns that are passive....what’s not to like?! Today, we interview Melissa Miller, Director of Client Relations and Dick Miller, Co-Founder and President of Miller Bates which is a real estate investment firm that offers diversified, high yield, risk managed investment opportunities often referred to as “First Trust Deeds or Bridge Loans.” Dick shares with us what they’ve done to stand out from their competitors over the last 25 years that they have been in business. Additionally, he and Melissa touch on several topics such as the advantages and disadvantages of investing in real estate loans as compared with funds; how they are able to mitigate their risk through LTV ratio’s and hand picking their deals; and finally how the recent trend of tightening of credit and traditional bank lending is an advantage to their business model. Enjoy this week’s episode!!  


MillerBates, LLC - Private Money Real Estate Investing

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