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Jul 15, 2019

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When Anthony first heard about the Infinite Banking Concept, we went to various typical financial planners that we worked with through his CPA first to see why IBC would not work.

One told him that the commissions were “very high.”  In actuality, the way an IBC policy is designed,  the commission is one third the amount of a typical life insurance policy.

Another told him that he could “earn a higher rate of return” doing something else.  In actuality, IBC is not an EITHER/OR. IBC is an AND asset.  When you have an opportunity to make more money, with IBC you can use your policy to invest in other investments.

Cameron was concerned about the stability of the life insurance companies and if he was the only person doing this.

The companies we use for IBC must meet the following criteria:

  1. A mutual company (owned not by stockholders but policyholders)
  2. Over 100 years old
  3. Paid dividends EVERY one of the 100 years
  4. Support the Infinite Banking Concept

During the last financial crash, 499 banks went under.  Do you know how many mutual insurance companies failed? ZERO

IBC has not hit the mainstream however; banks and the wealthy have been using these concepts for over 100 years.

We are working on a platform for people that practice IBC to share ideas on how they use their policies and ways to create passive income and build wealth outside of Wall Street. 

Stay tuned for more details.