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Nov 26, 2019

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In this episode we interview Blake Johnson, Managing Member of Trusted Estate Planning Attorneys. He shares his insights on Nevada Law in regards to Business and Estate Planning as well as his reasons for practicing the Infinite Banking Concept. Here are the list of topics covered in this episode: 


Is estate planning only for wealth people? 

Ways to avoid probate court 

Difference between a living will and a trust 

Two main reasons in determining whether you should have a trust or not? 

Guardianship over minor children 

Life Insurance and Trusts – Should my LI policy be owned by my trust? 

Which is best to have as my beneficiary: A trust or an individual?  

Estate planning through the ages 

How does the level of creditor as well as asset protection of cash value life insurance in the state of Nevada compare with other states? 

Nevada Asset Protection Trust: “untouchable for spousal support and child support 

Rental Real Estate: Should it be owned in a trust or an LLC? 

What is a Series, LLC and should real estate investors use one? 

Downside of using a Series LLC? 

If I finance a house in my personal name can I move it into an LLC? 

How his internship at NW Mutual introduced him to the financial industry and how this played into his decision to practice the Infinite Banking Strategy.  



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